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All Lovely Trails trips are designed through extensive research by our experts by putting together only the very best for you. We make sure you never miss any key attractions or activities. Our Tour Leaders accompany groups to ensure that each experience is rendered to its best. This makes us truly unique and outstanding.

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Top Destinations

Top Destinations


Top Destinations

Kuala Lumpur & Genting Highland, Malaysia

Top Destinations

Bangkok, Thailand

Top Destinations

Karnataka, Hampi, Aihole, Pattadakkal, Badami

Top Destinations

Vietnam, Hanoi, Hoi An, Ho ChiMinh City

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Many More Places


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Brands We Have Worked With - Athena
CGI - One of the esteemed brands we have collaborated with for exceptional projects
Zoho - A renowned brand we have partnered with to deliver innovative solutions.
Tech - A leading technology brand we have collaborated with to drive digital transformation
Freshworks - A trusted brand we have worked with to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
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Triad - A trusted partner we have worked with to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions
Triad - A trusted partner we have worked with to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions
Triad - A trusted partner we have worked with to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions
Top Destinations to visit


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White peaks Adventure
Tanaz sea kayak
kalindi Adventures
Heaven Explorer

Why We Are So Special?

Our experts strive for the very best in every single trip we design for you wherever you chose to travel, making it extraordinarily awesome!




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Happy Customers

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Nikhilesh Raaja - Satisfied customer sharing their experience with Lovely Trails

The guide and the owner of. Lovely trails who is a mountaineer accompanied us for the trip and he was doing the best job guiding us and helping us during the treks, .I would surely recommend Lovely Trails for anybody who is looking for a travel agency.

Nikhilesh Raaja

Gokul Sreeram - Satisfied customer sharing their positive experience with Lovely Trails.

He was a very good guide and the rafting experience was awesome. Lovely trails organised it in a beautiful way. We enjoyed the whole trip.

Gokul Sreeram


Lovely Trails are the best in class. Thoughtfully crafted itinerary and packing checklist; amazing stay; good food; they cover a lot of attractions in a short time and family friendly. You can expect the best travel experience with peace of mind.


Vinothkumar - Satisfied customer sharing their experience of the best travel experience with Lovely Trails

Abbas exactly understood my requirement for the trip and he crafted the trip in the most fulfilling way ever possible. He made sure that we don’t miss out anything important and we experience Rajasthan in the best way possible.

Sriram Koduvayur

Venkatesh Srinivasan - Satisfied customer recommending Lovely Trails for not missing out on any tourist spot

If you don't want to miss out any tourist spot in the place that you visit, then, Lovely Trails is the best place for you!

Venkatesh Srinivasan

Amit Sharma - Satisfied customer sharing their awesome experience and beautiful memories from the Chikmagalur trip with Lovely Trails

Awesome experience. Had many beautiful memories in the Chikmagalur trip. Kudos..

Amit Sharma

Vinoth Kumar - Satisfied customer sharing their memorable Andaman trip experience with Lovely Trails

Went to Andaman with my colleagues on November 2019 . Such a beautiful trip it was. Had a amazing Scuba, kayaking and snorkelling experience in Havelock island. The resort we stayed at havelock (Emerald geckco) is simply superb.

Such a memorable trip

Vinoth Kumar

Sabarish Sivakumar - Satisfied customer praising the best experience at an affordable price with Lovely Trails during their private trip to Thailand

Best experience at most affordable price is what makes me not only choose Lovely Trails but also recommend it to my friends. Had great experience in my recent private trip to Thailand. Well organsied and well planned, meeting all my expectations.

Sabarish Sivakumar

Siddharth Nair - Satisfied customer expressing their enjoyment of the amazing pictures and electronic experience of various exotic locations provided by Lovely Trails

Amazing pictures and enjoyed electronic experience of the various exotic Iocations! i thank lovely trails for this awasome experience

Siddharth Nair

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