Our Story

our story

Pursuing the thrills of traveling with an unwavering passion, our Founder took the plunge to experience the unexpected by traversing the unknown plains and seeking new pastures of adventure. From embarking on local trips to far-off lands, his passion for exploring new places ignited the embers of inspiration that he wished to impart to the others. Regardless of seasons, themes or modes of travel, Lovely Trails craft perfect itineraries with detailed planning and execution for those who are in pursuit of a new experience.

With experiential traveling making in-roads in the industry, we have seasoned out the latest technologies for strong operations focusing on uncompromised quality and safety to enhance customer satisfaction. We strive to infuse your travel experience with a unique blend of efficiency and flexibility with highest standards by working with reliable and competent partners worldwide. At the core, we assist you in battling out your worries through a hassle-free journey.

The world spins a different story for each of us and it lies upon you to uncover your tale. Spilling the beans of intrigue and curiosity, we would let you meet your better-self through an incredible exploration. At Lovely Trails, we beckon the young and adventurous minds to unwrap the wonders of the world as we expose you to special experiences and active adventures beyond the bounds.

People Love Us

We strike a lasting bond with our travelers. People love travelling with us time and again.

Unmatched Expertise

Our deep research, professional training and experiential knowledge are truly unmatched.

All Inclusive Itinerary

We take care of everything to detail right from planning until you’re back home safely. Every trip is so awesome.

Why Lovely Trails?

Value for Money

Well bundled to give you the best values


No compromise with 24x7 trip assistance

Safety First

We proactively monitor & manage.


For smooth & integrated experience.

Let’s leave on a lovely trail to enrich your experience!

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