Lovely Trails Referral Program

Lovely Trails Referral Program allows frequent wanderers and patrons to earn promotional travel rewards by referring friends and family to travel with Lovely Trails. The earned travel rewards will be accumulated in your Travel Rewards account and can be redeemed on any trips with Lovely Trails. It is designed to give our adventurers significant value and you may be even travel absolutely free of cost.

The following are the travel reward structure for any domestic or international travel:

No. of people per referral tour Travel Reward entitled per referral tour
Tour Size: 2-8 persons Rs. 1,000/- per trip
Tour Size: 9-19 persons Rs. 3,000/- per trip
Tour Size: More than 20 persons Rs. 5,000/- per trip

How to Earn Travel Rewards

    1) Members can earn travel rewards for every successful referral (Friends or families) irrespective of days or destination. A referral is deemed successful when the person (s) referred undertake the trip with us

    2) Members are also eligible for referral benefits when they are travelling with the group of referred individuals with Lovely Trails.

    3) The travel rewards will be credited to your referral account after the referred tour is completed and redeemable anytime thereafter.

Redeeming Travel Rewards

    1)Travel rewards can be redeemed only with Lovely Trails on any trip taken by the member or his/her immediate family members.

    2)Travel rewards must be used within three year from the date of issue, after which it will get expired.

    3)Travel rewards are coupons issued for promotional purposes. They have no cash value and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.

Travel Rewards - Terms and Conditions

    1) This voucher entitles the holder and immediate family members to travel rewards (amount specified) that can be utilized towards any of the future travel with Lovely Trails.

    2) Travel reward will not be exchanged for cash.

    3) Travel reward will be valid only for three years from the date of issue.

    4) Travel rewards are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

    5) The referral program is applicable from 1st August 2020.

    6) At the time of making your booking please quote your Referral account number (Phone number)

    7) Expired credits will not be accepted

    8) Any dispute should be referred to the company (Lovely Trails) and the final decision shall be entitled to the company (Lovely Trails)

    9) Our management reserves the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

    10)A new referral is considered valid only if the person(s) are new to Lovely Trails and has not taken any trips with us earlier

    11) Travel rewards of two or more Lovely Travel wanderers cannot be merged or combined.

    12) All queries related to travel rewards can be enquired at

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there a limit to how much cash or free travel I can earn?

There is no limit to how many new travellers you refer or the rewards you can earn.

2) Can the people I refer travel without me?

Yes. You don't need to travel with the individuals you refer, and they can travel on any vacation or adventure they choose. They need to provide your name and referral account number and the travel reward will be automatically credited on the completion of travel of the referral.

3) Can I be a traveller in the trip I referred?

Yes, you can be a part of the trip you referred and you are also eligible to use the referral benefits when you are travelling with the group of referred individuals with Lovely Trails.

4) Can I earn up to a free trip?

Yes, when your accumulated travel reward amount is equal to the travel value you wish to undertake with Lovely Trails. It will be an absolutely free trip!

5) Is there a limit to how much travel reward I can earn?

There is no limit to how many new travellers you refer and the travel rewards that you earn.

6) How do I check my travel reward?

Check it online at Travel Rewards page using your registered mobile number.