Special Honeymoon destinations in India

By: TM Abbas & Elakkiya Thavadurai

Last Updated: 12- Oct- 2021

Special Honeymoon destinations in India

Travelling in the company of those we love is home in motion! - Leigh Hunt

After months-long of planning, searching, organising, fretting and anticipating, you've finally made it official with your loved one. You've made the bond through marriage. And now it's time to seal that bond. Start your couple travel goals with your honeymoon. For many, probably the first quality time they get to spend with their partner after the marriage starts from here. No matter how many couple's trips you take down the road, this first getaway is going to be the sweetest and, of course, romantic of all. And planning this ultimate trip just after the wedding madness can get overwhelming. But don't you worry! We have got you covered. Your idea of romance could be anything, so, we've got places that cover every style. Here is our guide to picking the classic honeymoon destinations within India. 

Andaman - Unspoiled Islands:

Pristine beaches, white-sand shorelines, turquoise sea, pastel scenery- your fantasy escape place can't get any better than this perfect island destination. With its dense canopy on the land, colourful, lush corals in the sea, warm ocean and the right climate, this archipelago is truly a tropical paradise on earth. Andaman has everything one can look for on a honeymoon trip. Take a romantic walk along its picturesque shoreline, adventure out to try all those exciting watersports (Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Sea Walk, Kayaking), marvel at its underwater beauty together, take inter-island ships and enjoy those beach days - be captivated with each other, and the island. By all, it has to offer!

Goa - Beaches & Water Sports:

That's right! It's Goa! There are places where the world seems to come alive with energy, and Goa is one among them. Wander near and far hand in hand on this beach paradise and script your Goan adventures. The place is full of beautiful beaches lined with its golden sand shorelines and stunning beach resorts. Goa cheers to love and adventures together. Get cosy under a shack, sip your Pina Coladas and enjoy your escape to a lazy and refreshing honeymoon. Lay around different beaches every day, swim in those beaches as much as you want to bask sunbaths in the sun, venture out to try those fun water sports. Or better yet, when the sun goes down, and pink hues fill the sky, walk together into the sunset. For a brief moment, everything goes completely quiet except for those foamy waves crashing at your feet. You're sharing this moment with someone special by your side, and it's bliss! Pure bliss, only in Goa.

Alleppey, Kerala – Calm Backwaters:

Enough of honeymooning on the land. Turn up a notch and move on to the water. We've got the perfect place for you to do just that. Head to Alleppey or Alappuzha - the Venice of the East in Kerala. With its breathtaking backwater scenery, slow cruising houseboat, dense coconut cover stretching on both sides, endless view of serene canals up ahead and delicious food on-board, what a lovely trip it will be to spend with your loved one! Their houseboats come in all shapes, sizes and luxury. Hire a cosy houseboat of your choice and explore this rustic beauty in all its entirety. Enjoy your relaxing cruise by soaking in the sight of teeming greenery, golden sunset, some good music and celebration of love!

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan – Desert Camps & Sand Dunes:

The Golden City of India! That's right! Be prepared to cherish every moment with sunshine and laughter on this breathtaking sand land. Talk about a good first impression - as the sunbaths those sandstone structures in its warm light, the place just hits you in the face with its impossible beauty! The ethereal setting of the site has already captivated many travel buffs, and it is gaining traction as a famous destination. To cater to the growing demand, several tours, immersive experiences and attractions have opened across the city. Experience the real nomad desert life by camping in those valleys of sand. Enjoy the local heritage, cultural performances and cuisine. Set out to experience camel and jeep safari, camp at night in the middle of nowhere, and drink the sight of starry skies as far as your eyes can see. Hide from the world in this dessert bubble and lose yourself in those dunes. Admire the natural beauty along with your beauty on your side. Because it's those moments in between that matters the most, isn't it?

Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand – Deep inside the Jungle:

Romance in the jungle! What an adventure it will be! Jim Corbett National Park is not only a magnificent tourist destination but also the well-renowned tiger reserve of India. That's why tourism is promoted exclusively in selected zones of the park. The park is famous for its jungle safari tours that give proximity to the area's wilderness. And for the ultimate getaway, don't miss the night stay in the middle of the jungle. Explore those grassy forest lands up and down by soaking in the warm smell of the parched leaves in the air and the beauty of branches snaking together to cast a shadow on the ground. Feel the deep revering connection with the forest as well as your partner. While you're there, don't forget to stop at the mystical Nainital because to be engulfed in this beautiful Himalayan resort is a whole new experience not to be missed.

Munnar, Kerala – Scenic Tea Gardens:

A misty hill-station, the fog and the green - one of the magical combinations that exist and Munnar is the right blend of this combination that's not to be missed. This stretch of western ghats is sprawled with stunning tea plantations, surreal lakes and waterfalls and is truly a sight to behold. Open your eyes to the beauty of foggy cotton candies kissing the mountain peaks, mild drizzle drops accentuating the green hues of the scenery, and amid falling rain, you falling in love with your mate - There is just something romantic about those cosy hill-stations, don't you think? The endless natural beauty of Munnar offers many stunning sightseeing spots - Echo point, Top Station, Anamudi, Eravikulam National Park, Tea museum and more. It doesn't fail to enthral us because every site is unique compared to the previous one. The weather is mild and pleasant throughout the year, so the place attracts tourists all the time. Catering to the growing tourism, Munnar is packed with excellent resorts for all budgets. Watch out for those that offer a speciality Treehouse stay which is a must-do while you're here on your honeymoon.

Gulmarg, Kashmir – Snow Mountains:

Head to this La La land and pen your love story under the mistletoe. With its warm, bright meadows in the summer, snow-capped mountain peaks and alpine range in the winter, Gulmarg is a year-round vacation spot that offers something for all seasons. Famous as a top skiing destination in India, Gulmarg is the second highest ski resort in the world. Hitch a ride on the famous 'Gulmarg Gondola' - a cable car that takes you 3,980m above sea level. Get to the top station on Mt Apharwat and witness the slice of heaven hidden under the foothills of those snow-clad mountains. Cue romantic music. Halt to experience the sunrise on top of the world. Just take that view all in and be on a crazy, romantic high as you explore this winter wonderland with your beloved. 

Kabini, Karnataka - Riverside Retreat:

Revel in a river of emotions at the banks of this idyllic riverside destination. Far from the hustle and bustle of any other tourist place, the serene ambience of Kabini will make us addicted to its gorgeous beauty. Take an early morning trek with your partner along its scenic jungle roads to explore the unknown in those hidden paths. Nothing can beat the experience of watching the forest coming alive in one of those jungle safari tours. Stroll around casually for elephant safari, sightseeing at the Kabini reservoir, boating and more. Or just go with the flow for a light and breezy walk along this riverbank and indulge in its spectacular view. Down by the river, be drawn by the passion for your human. Come back to your snug resort and enjoy the beautiful night in front of a warm campfire. At the end of the day, you will agree there's just something alluring about this riverside retreat. Cherish every moment and memory you're making on this romantic getaway into the wild!

Not only this, but with Darjeeling & Gangtok, Mussoorie, Shimla, Manali, Nainital, Jaipur & Agra in the North, and Ooty, Kodaikanal, Coorg, Wayanad, Poovar, Lonavala in the South, India is full of exquisite honeymoon destinations scattered all over the place. 

Pack your bags, take on this adventure together and start your backpacking couple goals from your lovely honeymoon because the reality is finally going to get better than your dreams! 


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