Best Things To Do in Singapore

By: TM Abbas & Elakkiya Thavadurai

Last Updated: 12- Oct- 2021

Best Things To Do in Singapore

One of the ideal holiday destinations in the world, Singapore is an excellent place to have a fun family vacation. One of the great things about Singapore is that everything one would expect to experience on holiday is all situated in one small island city. From Universal Studios to Singapore Zoo, from Aquarium to Bird Park, and more - there is no shortage of fantastic attractions lined in every part of Singapore, which makes it one of the beloved family-friendly destinations on earth. Find out all the best places in Singapore for your perfect family day trip, especially if you're holidaying with your little mini-mes.

Singapore Flyer:

View from Singapore Flyer

Stand tall at the height of 165 meters above sea level in one of the world's largest observation wheels and experience a marvellous, panoramic view of this island city. As the only place to offer a breathtaking view of the entire cityscape, the Singapore Flyer is sure to captivate us by all it has to offer. Drink in the sight of this mesmerizing urban jungle as far as your eyes can see while on the go. From standard flight experience to a premium champagne flight, renting a private capsule to enjoying fine dining on the go, whatever you're looking for, the place offers memorable experiences for all budget types. Operating only from Thursday - Sunday, it can take anywhere between 30 mins and 2 hours depending upon the type of flight we choose to go for the round thoroughly. Because it is 'more than just the view'. Pro tip: Opt for one of those evening rides to enjoy the golden hour of a beautiful sunset over a uniquely picturesque city.

Singapore Zoo:

A family’s day out at the Zoo

Spanning over 28 hectares, the Singapore Zoo is the world's best rainforest zoo that has adapted the 'open-exhibit' concept where the animals are in a naturalistic setting instead of being held in cages. Surrounded by hidden barriers, moats filled with dense vegetation, and glass between the animals and visitors, the zoo offers a unique wildlife watching experience. The park is open all day of the year from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm with last entry permitted at 5 pm. Set at least 4 - 6 hours in your itinerary to fully explore the place and see over 315 species of animals. Fill your tour with merry and wonder by witnessing their special shows such as Splash Safari, Animal Friends and more. Learn more about every species by taking part in their wildlife tours, talking to their keepers, and trying to feed the animals. With all shows typically happening in the evening, check out the zoo's show timings and plan your trip to wade through the zoo so you could catch all shows and activities on time. Pro tip: Buy combo tickets which offer a Tram ride also. Best way to see the park without getting tired so soon, and also saves you a little when you're on a budget.

Jurong Bird Park:

Jurong Bird Park

As Asia's largest bird park, Jurong Bird Park is a slice of a haven for over 400 species of birds. Famed for its 30-metre world's first tallest man-made waterfall, the majestic Waterfall Aviary offers a glimpse of some 50 species in its near-natural habitat. Other park attractions include a nine-storey high Lory Loft aviary where tourists get to feed those colourful Lory species. The park also offers a glimpse into the avian world through its educational Breeding and Research centre programs, where we get to learn the growth process involved in bird's life cycle, and their conservation efforts. It takes anywhere between 4 and 5 hours to do a whole tour of the park. Being mesmerized by these birds in a lush green tapestry is understandable but do not forget to catch the spectacular High Flyers Show, and Kings of the Skies Show to witness these bird's quirks and talents. The shows happen twice a day, so you can plan your trip to the park accordingly. Reach the venue 10 minutes early to catch the first-row seat and revel at these mighty beauties in all different hues and shades.

Universal Studios:

Madagascar Theme at Universal Studios Singapore

Thrill rides - ✔; Live-action entertainment shows - ✔; Street performances - ✔; Meet your favourite cartoon characters - ✔; Delicious food on the go - ✔; Funky souvenirs - ✔. How fun it would be to enjoy all these glee under one roof in a place like no other where there is something to suit all ages and abilities. Visit the Universal Studios Singapore located in Sentosa Island for a fast, adrenaline-fuelled amusement or for more fun, exuberant family-friendly experience. The park consists of seven thematically arranged zones featuring popular films, characters and locations from around the world such as Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, Madagascar, Shrek, Lost World Jurassic Park, and more fantastic themes. There is something for everyone from children to adults and is a sure way to be enthusiastically amused. Open from Thursday to Sunday, the park operates between 2.00 pm and 9.00 pm. Pro tip: It is better to set one whole day to enjoy this place in its entirety. If you're travelling with infants or elderly, we wouldn't recommend an entire day trip though.

S.E.A Aquarium:

View of S.E.A Aquarium

Be prepared to marvel at the underwater wonders of the ocean by viewing them through those thick underwater tubes. Strolling through the tunnels to witness over 1000 species of marine life in their natural habitat indeed can leave anyone spellbound with its ethereal beauty. When those gorgeous sea creatures are swimming their way around us, full of bustling energy overflowing with mysterious zeal, we cannot help but wonder how beautiful and diverse those sea lives can be. A sure way to captivate kids and adults alike, the aquarium offers a variety of activities ranging from daily shows to fun learning about marine life. Operating from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm on Monday, Tuesday and 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on Saturday, Sunday, it can take around 2 hours to enjoy a full tour of the aquarium.

Jewel Changi Vortex Waterfall & Canopy Park:

View of Vortex Waterfall at night

The perfect way to end your family adventure is to visit the Jewel Changi Vortex Waterfall & Canopy Park. Pro tip: Schedule your taxi to the airport several hours early before your reporting time.

View of Canopy Park at Jewel Changi

Talk about a mind-blowing first impression by the world's tallest indoor waterfall located at the centre of Jewel Changi Airport! Offering spellbound views by day and enthralling light-and-sound shows by night, the waterfall is nothing but a modern marvel of majestic grandeur.

Located at the topmost level of Jewel, the canopy park is no less than a splendour. Leave your bags at luggage storage. Stroll through the path to have last-minute entertainment in this wonderland consisting of Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden and Topiary Walk. Cherish every moment and memory you're making on this Lion City.

For more things to see and do in Singapore, visit Gardens by the Bay, Marina bay sands, Botanical Garden, Sentosa Cable Car, Wings of time show. Oh, and do not miss shopping & gorging those delicious cuisines at ChinaTown.

Craving for guaranteed family fun? All you have to do is transport yourself to this stunning island city, build memories and keepsakes that will accompany you forever. It is impossible not to once you step foot in Singapore.

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