Hot Air Ballooning

Fantasy of flying in a hot air balloon like the movies or stories has well captured our minds. It is time to make this fantasy come true! Skimming through the skies in vibrant coloured balloon and enjoying the scenic beauty from high above with your family and loved ones should definitely be in your bucket list. Floating in the basket is a perfect getaway with a laid-back evening as you are being carried across the skies.

Things To Carry

  • Comfortable dress to get in and out of the Balloon
  • Properly fitting laced shoes
  • Sunscreen, lip protection and sunglasses
  • Camera to capture the moments of the trip
  • Warm layers like sweater and hat.

Don't Worry About

  • It’s simple, nothing to fear
  • Suitable for all ages
  • No personal gear required

Ideal Condition

Clear Day,


45 Mins

Fitness Profile

20 %

Risk Profile


Best Destinations for Hot Air Ballooning

We design custom itineraries across various destination as per your preference, seasons and other factors. Talk to our experts to make a perfect plan.