Things You Need To Know When You Go On An Igloo Trip

By: TM Abbas & Elakkiya Thavadurai

Last Updated: 12- Oct- 2021

Things You Need To Know When You Go On An Igloo Trip

Are you planning a magical trip on a winter trail? Perhaps, your adventurous disposition wishes to add a stay in an igloo on the list and experience what kind of quest they lead you to? Those small snow huts with their own cute little doors are sure to allure anyone with their beauty.

But read this before you set out on your trip to a winter wonderland. Don't be a Jon Snow when you can be the Wildlings (if you know, you know). Prepare yourself for the wilderness with our guide, and enjoy your stay like a pro!

Pack the right clothing: Let's cut straight to the point. Do not think about being trendy or hippie in your clothing choices because it's cold. Really, really cold. Pick the right fabrics. Winter clothing made of synthetic fibres or natural fibres such as wool is the best option. The goal is to keep you dry and insulated. So, cotton is a poor choice of the wardrobe because it absorbs sweat. Next, it's all about layers while you're here. Firstly, innerwear of nonabsorbent material, then a mid-layer of fleece made of wool or synthetic, then a massive insulating layer of a jacket made of down or synthetic fibres, finally, a windproof outer layer made of any recommended fabrics. Also, pack your winter gloves, mittens, socks, head caps, snow pants and boots. If you're planning to double layer your socks, wear a shoe size that can accommodate thick layers. Most importantly, make sure all your belongings fit in a backpack or rucksack, so it's easy to carry.

Prepare your body and mind: No matter where they come from, sometimes people tend to think 'it can't be that bad'. Well, spoiler alert... it can be if you're not physically and mentally prepared to endure the coldness and its challenges. Sometimes, you might have to walk on inches deep snow-covered pathways, which can get tiresome pretty quickly. Every single movement of yours will be in subzero temperatures, so it's essential to keep yourself fit and active. If your site offers any kind of activities while you're there, gladly take it up and turn the winter wonderland into your playground. Because being active regulates your body temperature, which in turn helps in keeping you warm. 

Stay dry. Always.: The most important rule - stay dry. Any clothing piece that can potentially get wet, such as gloves, footwear, headwear, and windproof outer layer - make sure you pack them all in waterproof materials. Keep yourself dry at all times. If by any chance you become wet, change into dry clothes immediately. Because 'Remember how I got a frostbite or hypothermia when we went to....' will not be a pleasant story to share among your peeps. 

Sunglasses are your BFF: Did you know sunglasses are an essential winter accessory? We've all heard the phrase 'white as snow'. That white is precisely why you should be wearing sunglasses while you're outdoors in the snow. The UV rays emitted from the sun are reflected 80% more in the snow. When every side you turn is covered with a patch of milky white snowdrops, it's easy for one to catch a sunburn in their eye. So, keep calm and put your shades on.

Going off-the-grid: As most igloo sites are located at higher altitudes or in a remote wilderness, you will experience weak to nil phone connectivity. But sometimes, this is all you might need to liven up your soul. This remoteness also means there is a good chance of not finding an ATM or credit card machine near the campsite. Hence, it's better to carry a stack of local currency to pay for anything while you're there.

Stay together, flock together: Almost all the igloo stay comes with a package deal that involves doing some kind of activities out in the snow. Always stick to your group and follow the instructions given by your tour guide or leader. It is best advised not to wander off on your own to explore the area for safety reasons.

Drink warm and snack healthy: Pro tip - Never say no to hot beverages or food offered on your campsite. Because that's going to help a lot in keeping you nice and warm. Also, do not hesitate to pack some healthy energy bars to keep you charged through the coldness.

Rent at the right time: Plan your trip at the perfect time to enjoy the amenities to the fullest. The ideal season time would be anywhere between December and March. Make sure the weather is snowy but not adverse enough to have a snowstorm. If you’re taking your own vehicle or renting on your own, take a good 4*4 vehicle that has better endurance to those winding road conditions.


Finally, igloos are not only about the cold. It's more about going on spectacular adventures, relishing some of the breathtaking views and revelling in great enjoyment. Now that you know what to expect, pack your bags and enjoy the idyllic setting in one of those cute snowy domes.


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