How travel helps to come out from stress and to find yourself

By: Atchuthai_paro & TM Abbas

Last Updated: 12- Oct- 2021

How travel helps to come out from stress and to find yourself

Travelling is a way of living life extra than ordinary. Besides, it is a stress buster that comes with umpteen colorful side effects. Everyone wants to step out from the monologue lifestyle to admire nature. Life becomes beautiful when we need a break from the four walls and wish to live under the sky. Except for happiness, every other emotion vanishes while travelling. Travelling has the charisma of attracting optimistic vibes. 

Stress is a common word when being busy becomes a daily chore. Everyone has their schedule to tuck in. Swallowing breakfast and skipping lunch are customs of work that munching food no longer exists. When the mind has no space, pressure suppresses the lifestyle. The subtleness of life vanishes with time when one forgets to navigate the boat of life, how long a boat can stay on the shore, it needs to sail in the water to be active with liveliness. But time is hostile to everyone who has to compete in the race of life. Eventually, anxiety and stress turn to be part of one’s way of living. Though the year has four seasons to cherish, the routine never lets one lift his head to enjoy neither spring nor winter. The eyes stick with the desktop slowly forget to notice the colors of the world. 

Who is there, doesn’t want to smile? Who in this entire cosmos doesn’t want to earn happiness? Indeed, No one. Yet the days filled with surplus work, cages one inside the walls with systematized stress. The earth spins due to scientific reasons whereas the human race has started spinning due to horrid stress levels and always walks with dizziness from dawn to dusk. 

Escaping from stress and anxiety requires no big effort. Breaking the monotonous daily routine needs no hardest formula. Packing your bag and planning for a trip are the first steps to restore happiness in life. 

          “Travelling is the key to unlock the locks of happiness” 

Travelling takes the stress away 
A deep breath can soothe the physique and mind, even finding time for that becomes hard in the digital era. Prioritizing travel in your schedule is the best way to energize the soul. Peaceful sleeping is a bonus from every travel that the journey relaxes the mind. To perish the peril of anxiety and depression, plan for your travel. The core of life finds different meanings while travelling that self-love and self-respect enter the life stronger than earlier. Travelling gives freedom to access with all the blissfulness. Further it encourages one to understand the uniquness of life that it unboxes the hidden aroma of life to let one live everysecond with gratitude. The few days outside will enhance the remaining days of the year with the greatest memories. Inhale the fresh air outside to soothe yourself. Play and jump on the meadows as there is a vast land outside which welcomes wanderers with pureness and composure.  

Scientifically there are various methods to increase the hormones which activate the best emotions, travelling is a foremost technique to do so. When one does what he/she likes, when one exhales deeply, when one finds peaceful atmosphere, the hormones are triggered that Dopamine which plays as the base of pleasure and motivation to mind, Serotonin which acts as mood stabilizer and wellbeing, Endorphins which propels Pain relief and relaxation and Oxytocin which imbibes Bonding, love, and trust. 

Teaches to admire the life 
Travelling gives a new perspective to look at life. Inner peace is a gift package for travelling. The space and time one gets for oneself is an incredible feeling. Learning new things starts while travelling like learning a new language, listening to regional ballads, understanding ethnic culture, applauding unfamiliar places and people which lead to admire the life one lives. Rejuvenating the cycle of life is a silent process during all travels. Life is priceless, each day is valuable, through travelling one can get the idea of living life each second. Like a poem, life is getting interpreted in multiple ways through going for trips. Sometimes travel becomes a source of answers for the questions one searches for. While returning home, the bag you carry will be filled with tranquility and harmony to share and cherish. 

Every travel has a lot to narrate, the experience will open up one’s soul to praise the beauty of life. Travelling reminds that how to appreciate life. Besides, it teaches us to accept the circumstances and react according to them. No adjective can comprehend the feeling of living life little out of the routine and experiencing all sorts of happiness. Be a part of this world. Travelling is a way to enrich the process of life. Good memories present great days. When there is a dazzling past to ponder over, the upcoming days will be luminous. The episodes of life will become best of best. The choice is yours as chances won’t come without desire and wishes. Take a tiny step to explore, life will get more excited.

Gives way to discover yourself 

          “Be a wanderer to experience the wonders of life”
Travelling to new places introduces the creativity and kindness of life. Meeting new people reminds that the world is another home out of the home. The sweetness of being with strangers lets one understand his or her limits and boundaries. Amid the unknown places and people, there is no requirement of pretending to be a perfect personality. Travel makes you understand yourself better. The original you who has no role to play while hurrying up in life with all the chores of desktop and routine will have time to realize and will be acknowledged while travelling. Your ability to handle life and your capacity to manage all the pressure will be comprehended during the journey outside. You will appreciate yourself for being strong and healthy that travelling enables one to identify one's self. The roads not only lead to the destinations but also for self-discovery. 

So, convince yourself to take a break, to ease yourself, and to evolve better than before. After every travel, one’s scale of determination and perseverance goes up, high to the peak. Travel propels the spirit in one’s heart like a Phoenix one soars. The Asian Proverb says “Better to see something once than hearing about it a thousand times", so mark it in your calendar, encircle the dates to wander out to reveal yourself to the world and yourself. 

Adds fortune to life
To bring smile on the face, to roar with wind, to share food with animals and birds, to throw yourself on nature, to listen to the rhythm of rain, to lend ears for the melody of the river, let your legs walk on the green terrain and let the long roads accompany you. 
Jump inside the river to feel the joy. Taste the regional food to make your tummy too happy. Communicate with locals to feel the belongingness. Do whatever can make you happy, travelling will give chances to do. You know yourself better than anyone, what you really want and where you really want to travel. Initiate. Write down the plan and buy one thing which you need the most for your travel, to motivate yourself to get along with the world out, free from your regular routine. It can be anything and anywhere but make a trip to adore your life. 

Travelling is a fortune, embrace it. The work you get committed with or the days you scheduled already may seize you from moving outside, manage your time to carve out some time for yourself. Everything has its own importance, so do you. Life is beautiful when you have your own story to narrate. Make it as best as you can. Travel will give you pages of experience to pen down an epic of your life. Believe the wanderer in you who has been waiting to take a break and have his own time in the outside world. Everything will be ready when you are ready. 

Not with waking calls, but wake up with the sound of nature. Travelling is a healthy approach as it enables the physique to enjoy the surrounding. Every time you encounter a new person or place, your lips spread out the smile which brings a positive tone of life. Smile is the costliest in the twenty-first century, travelling knows the secret to unwind the smile. Capture the places through your eyes and camera to seize the moments to much later. Listen to your favorite song and relish the view through the window seat. Lie down on the shore or bank, to look at the vast sky. Just mark a tick in all your bucket list by doing one by one while travelling. 

          “Find your happiness and create your happiness through travelling” 

Travelling reminds one to enjoy each moment and cherish every day. When the atmosphere is pure, the heart feels bliss. The dews on tip of grass terrain have the power of chilling the mind. The salty beach has the sweetest memories. The place around you has paths to walk, play and run. Take a step to notice them experience the joy of life. Every place has a unique way of welcoming, be a guest. Life is priceless, make it a valuable story by letting yourself into new places. 
The coffee we sip is the same but the place makes the difference, let’s have it not on the bed but outside. The drive from office to home has the same distance of the roads from home to beach, just change the route once a week, to stroll on the white sand. Travelling doesn’t have a format, the way you want it can happen. So plan your own journey to experience the pleasure of being a face with a smile. 

“When a journey ends, there begins the new chapter of life. Every travel opens up a new path to live life little extraordinary" 


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