Enjoy with kids in Maldives The finest destination for family vacation

By: Atchuthai_Paro & TM Abbas

Last Updated: 12- Oct- 2021

Enjoy with kids in Maldives The finest destination for family vacation

Wishing to build a sandcastle and search seashells with kids, choose Maldives for family holidays. To experience the subtleness of aquatic marvels, and to present evergreen memory of fun and joy to your kids, Maldives is the land of experience, entertainment, and enchantment. Maldives provides uncomprehending fascination to your kids through various ways of involving them in activities related to an aquatic world. From babysitting to taking your toddlers to spectacle travel by professionals to fetching the moments to fill your teenagers with admirable photographs and astonishing bliss of jubilant moments are Maldives premium way of welcoming the families. 

Maldives is a bunch of atolls (Atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef, island, or series of islets) which is like a canvas waiting to be painted, so get ready to hold your breath and unfurl your excitement to paint a masterpiece memory with your family. 

Maldives is a terrain surrounded by blueness which has great ways to welcome families, accommodate them and entertain them. Specially Maldives plays a pivotal role in educating and evoking the enthusiasm of kids, toddlers, and teenagers. The kids’ clubs in resorts have various activities for children to participate in and for families to get involved together, also it assures that the adults have their own time to explore too. Maldives is all about staying in a place and enjoying the entrance of classic nature which gives various opportunities to a family to sit together, walk together and laugh together without the worries of reality. 

The group of islands glued to make a nation, Maldives, which has the benediction of marine world wonders and the shores with chilling experiences. In fact, for kids, it will be an experience like ‘Finding Nemo and Dori’ with the assistance of professionals who can teach and tell the kids about the aquatic world and take them to certain places to make them feel through their eyes. For toddlers and teenagers who know swimming, even for nonswimmers, the days are filled with tasks of enthrallment like ‘siblings entering a wardrobe and exiting in Narnia’.

The iconic sunset, bicycle ride, if you wish to take your tiny boat with family, sugar-white beaches, towering coconut trees to glare the green, netted beds to view the nature, massive space in and around the villas to play with children and to capture family pictures, scheduled programs for kids, the list is a bit long to narrate, are proliferating the bliss. In nutshell, Maldives has beauty and pleasant surroundings to care for families. 

The seasons bring the best offers and deals along with natural fragrances. The classic time to visit Maldives is from November to April that the precipitation and warm temperature proliferate the beauty of the terrain. From January to April, the island faces the driest months, with little rain and low humidity which turn this as peak season at the resorts. 

HAVE FUN WITH WATER AND WIND – while traveling to the resort  
As the spot we have selected is a group of islands, flying is an option that is the only preferable transportation to reach the mainland. The journey will feed children's curiosity as Maldives is dotted with countless islands. The fun starts once you step out from the airport itself. The smile and joy accompany the teens and toddlers as there is much to describe and talk about after the trip, mesmerizing locations to click a shot that social media will have many feeds during the trip. 

Male International Airport is the hub, which connects Maldives to all major countries in South-East Asia. From Male, the choices are countable that the domestic airports are functional within the islands, seaplanes are seen as an ideal option as the journey will be a ‘one stone two fruit benefit’ that it, itself is a significant and magnificent sightseeing experience even before check-in with luggage. Besides speed boat is also available transportation to reach within destinations between islands.

With varieties of visual phenomenon, Maldives has its flow of richness everywhere one steps in. Finding a significant place to stay in is the success of the trip as every Atoll has its charm. A suitable place will make the trip memorable to the family. 

Maldives archipelago consists of 1190 tiny islands dispersed across the Indian Ocean. Only 185 of these islands are inhabited, while the others are used largely for tourism and agriculture. Eventually, there are countless islands where the stay can be planned. some resorts are specially systematized for families, their schedules include all age groups. From picking up from the airport to organizing all the water sports activities is their responsibility. The entire island is a resort that seems to be a tiny village of people from across the world. The optimistic point of these resorts is that space they have in the accommodation and outside the villas which gives a relaxed feel to the families. The children are in safe hands as the resorts that accommodate the families have their facilities to take care of the children and engaging them with activities. 

•    Niyama Private Island.
•    Gili Lankanfushi Island. 
•    OBLU Island. 
•    Naladhu Island. 
•    Amilla Fushi Island. 
•    Four Seasons Island. 
•    Velaa Island.
•    Kudadoo Island.

 All the above-mentioned islands have their own resorts to welocme the guests, and entertain them with ultra facilities and activities. Open theatre, Ayurvedic Spa, Multi Cuisine restaurants, Beach dinner, Yoga Sessions, and the list is big. For children, they are having kids club with fun activities and sessions to explore and learn about the aquatic world. Most of the resorts’ motive is ‘no shoes & no news’ which gives the families a harmonious stay. 

From many private islands, here are few top destinations to check in with kids. 

Soneva Fusi - a dazzling destination for families

Soneva Fusi resort is an original desert island located in Baa Island, UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The enchanting children club called ‘DEN' turns this into one of the ideal places to check in with family. The Den is like an amusement water park, loaded with activities like a music room, learning and reading zones, a Lego room, and dress-up areas. Water slides to get soaked, organic garden to cherish nature, Observatories to enjoy 3D astronomy to see the stars, Cinema Paradiso to watch movies, and chocolate and ice cream parlors to taste, are the facilities that attract the families to Soneva Fusi. The barefoot luxury concept is an admirable ethos of Soneva Fusi which disconnects the guest from the busy world and connects them with nature. 

One and only Reethi Rah – the largest island with Kids only program 

Surrounded by the significance of the Indian Ocean, One & Only Reethi Rah is one of the largest islands in North Malé Atoll. A gem among a string of coral atolls, Reethi Rah has a program called ‘Kids only' which offers counselling to the young travellers to unbox their imagination with its certified counsellors. Kids aged four to eleven can snorkel, learn to make sushi, create with arts and crafts, and play dress-up. Further creative play for children aged four to nine, while ‘OneTribe’ occupies children with sailing lessons, arts and crafts are their advantages. Amid adults get their own space, as the professionals handling the children, to relax and engage in activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, etc., 

Gilli Lankanfushi – stay amid the colossal crystal water with family

The glass-paneled floors make the tourist skip their heartbeat while walking on the floor. Gilli is an iconic spot for families as it has a pure atmosphere. Moreover, a tailor-made Mr. Friday uniform for the kids to join the staff during their hours is one of the many examples to picture that kids will have their own experience with their little legs and fingers on the land.  

To spend time, the adults have a multi menu. The spa in Gilli provides traditional Ayurvedic treatments and yoga programmes. Tennis, island day trip and scuba diving are few activities from the schedule. The Underground Chocolate Cave sweeps away the taste of the world by serving premium gourmet chocolate. Located in North Male Atoll, Gilli is 20 minutes away from the international airport, by speed boat. 

OBLU- A medium-sized island with maximum experience for the kids

OBLU, Helengeli island located in North Male Island, has a variety of dwelling options. The island is a family-friendly spot with a babysitting service and a kids’ club with trampolines, board games, and play stations. For accommodation, the Two Bedroom Beach Pool Suites are the perfect family choice, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a private pool. When the kids are busy with their activities, you can dive with your kits. 

Channel diving and 30+ popular diving sites within 40 minutes range are attracting points. Whether one wants to hold the breath and don the equipment to sink within the aquatic world or to experience the lighter version of diving under the eyes of the professionals, OBLU has countless options to opt for as it has certified Dive School & Water Sports. 

Amilla Fushi – Jaw-dropping location to spend time with family 

An enchanting fairy tale land in the blue lagoons of the Indian Ocean. In Baa Atoll, the UNESCO protected, Amilla Fushi is a 
30 minute ride from Male by seaplane. The Hanifaru Bay, which is a 10 minutes inestimable destination, proliferates the optimistic view of Amilla as Hanifaru is the adobe of the world’s largest grouping of Manta Ray’s and whale sharks, from May to November. Leafy cycle tracks, bubble tent stay, and untouched beaches are Amilla's extra gorgeousness, the spacious villas have unparalleled freedom to explore. The Sultan’s Village Kids Club is welcoming kids to learn and live the Maldivian life. 

WHAT TO EXPERIENCE – Seize the moments when kids have their own fun. 
Water Sports is a known activity for whoever visits Maldives. The resorts have package deals for their guests. Still, there are few things one shouldn’t miss while travelling between islands and getting crushed by the beauty of a calm and colossal ocean. From Ihavandhippolhu to Addu Atoll, the country is filled with wonders to dip in and dig in. 

Scuba Diving is to let one’s self soaked in a unique experience of another world which is like a painting of Picasso with blue as the focal colour. The creatures inside catch the eyes of the divers through their exquisite and energetic way of livelihood. The coral reef reminds the benediction of nature.
Snorkeling is a way to float if one has issues with Scuba diving. It guarantees effulgent experience as Maldives is rich in resources even in the 20 meters from the residency.

Windsurfing, Kite Surfing, and Fly Boarding are surface water activities that are filled with fun and thrill. These extreme activities will break one’s nerves and give unforgettable memories as it is like playing with the wind and waves. 

Further Underwater Walking is an activity that provides the visitors' sealed oxygen mask which helps them to walk under the water. It is becoming one of the trending sport in the Water Sports of Maldives. 
Water Skiing can also be added to ameliorate the experience in the water. Though all the actives are on or inside the water, each has a unique way of delighting and stimulating the sense of adventure. If you wish, try Skydiving to capture the wild beauty of Maldives from the sky. Fall with the wind to add an extra event of escapade. 

Smile of a child is magic of reality that can do miracles, Maldives has the charm to do so. 

Play hide and seek, ride a bicycle in the natural tracks, lick the ice cream, wet the heart and cloths in waves by holding the little fingers of your kids, cherish the walk with your younger children on the shore and share your happiness with your partner while sunset, sail on a cruise to see the dolphins and add more from your bucket list.

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