8 Most Recommended Things to do in Dubai

By: TM Abbas & Aasiya Mehmood Shaikh

Last Updated: 03- Nov- 2021

8 Most Recommended Things to do in Dubai

Sometimes it feels Dubai is all about malls, air-conditioning, and luxuries. But this awe-inspiring desert city has a lot in store for us. There are a crazy lot of new and exciting things offered for its new generation of visitors. From gorgeous cultural institutions, shopping complexes to dramatic fountains and also feeding your adrenaline rush. There is a perfect balance of old and new in Dubai, which results in an abundance of things to do. 

Dubai stands top on the list of the world's must-visit destination! This beloved city drove over tourists from all around the globe by combining its gleaming modern amenities with the history of the Arabian Desert. So let's find out the top things to do in Dubai.

At The Top Of Burj Khalifa

This record-breaker city holds Burj Khalifa as the most famous landmark and certainly a must in the trip. Burj Khalifa is proudly named as the "world's tallest building", rising gracefully and offering a dramatic view from the top of its 163-floor structure. Visitors can travel up to two floors, 124 and 148, brace yourself to view the entire city from the vantage point. Special telescopes will show you around the city from an eagle eye point of view. The high-speed elevators will make you in complete 'awe' as you step onto the world's highest outdoor observatory. You will be mesmerized with the view so magical as if it's a fantasy movie you're living in! But, of course, the night view from the top is a different world altogether. 

Royal Arabian Safari

Indeed, one fascinating bucket list item in the Dubai travel plan is the desert safari. Reminiscent the Arabian Nights, fall asleep under the starlight sky and refresh in the domed-shaped tents. You can plan on spending a day in the great, majestic Arabian desert. Handpick your best activities to make your stay a memorable one—the vastness of the desert, the richness of the colourful nights. Along with the camel safari, Arabian music amid dunes, and summing up to sumptuous food. Together make your dessert safari experience worth it. It also raises your adrenaline level with sports like quad biking, sandboarding, hot air ballooning, and more. 

Miracle Garden

Want to witness millions of exotic floral arrangements? This world of floral wonders awaits you at Dubai Miracle Garden. A park about 72,000sqm covering impressively with famous structures, monuments, and buildings transformed into colourful flowers. It homes around 50 million flowers, blooming all over the space, embracing nature in its best way. Beautiful heart-shaped pathways, floral castles, and flowery full-size houses are popular spots of the garden. You will be in awe watching the stunning 'floating lady' gorgeously dressed in flowers, along with a dozen of other entertainment like street performances, activities, parades, etc.

Dubai Mall

The massive Dubai Mall, the most breathtaking, largest shopping centres in the world! Tourists in Dubai flock over to the mall that houses more than 1300 stores. Even if you hope to window shop, a visit to this retail centre will revoke the shopper in you, with an array of entertainment facilities like ice world, movie theatre, underwater aquarium, and other kids' friendly attractions. You will run short of time and definitely won't view all the priceless places in the mall in a day! Stop by the Dubai fountain just outside the mall, grove into the famous dancing fountain, featuring a night show setting up a mix of western and eastern music!

Dubai Frame

Situated at Zabeel park is the world's most famous, most prestigious, enchanting, and vividly popular Dubai frame. Firstly, you will be stunned to see a frame that huge and wide shaped. Plus, having to go in it and view old and new Dubai from the top is another exciting thing. This structure offers a 360-degree view of the city, joined together, the two towers stand top at the height of 150 meters. The golden motifs in the honeycomb pattern sparkle in the night, adding to it as the dazzling architectural wonder with a long bridge at the top. Visitors can stroll the long glass 93metre pathway along with visiting the museum that speaks about its heritage. Tickets for the same can be purchase online or directly at the venue. 

Global Village

Essentially a theme park for all ages, very popular with families, this Dubai's massive Global Village is one big celebration! It opens in November till Early may and features dining, concerts, leisure, delightful shopping experiences, rides, and other entertainment. You will be lost in this great escape, which drives every year about 5 million visitors. There is so much to see, about 26 international pavilions, cultural shows, museums, and representing over 78 nations worldwide. It won't be surprising to admit that it is a 'Whole World' in itself, giving you the outlook of a different country, culture, cuisine, shopping experiences, and more.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Surprisingly, Dubai has all the 'world's most significant' stored in for the tourists, and Aquaventure waterpark is one amongst it. Trident Tower is the newest most edition that features Splashers Lagoon and Splashers Cove, the largest kids-only waterparks in the Middle East. With slides more than 30 and other attractions, you will be thrilled and excited in the centre of this artificial magical island. Ever wondered about sliding through a water tunnel with the wild shark, stingrays swimming around and above you? Aquaventure Waterpark will give you some sights like this to experience. Visiting this wonder water park will fulfil all your aquatic desires. And, don't forget to visit the beach, another popular attraction in the park, to get some chill! 

SKI Dubai

In the middle of the mall, who would have thought to locate the world's third-largest indoor ski? Dubai surprises one in numerous ways, featuring the largest indoor ski resort with about five slopes. This Snow Park will amaze you, from beginners who love to experience skiing to professional and seasoned veterans! In addition, you will be entertained by toboggan runs, ice cave, and towers, along with the live penguin adding an extra fun element to your visit to Ski Dubai.

Let's Recap!

Craving for a family or friends' vacation? What's keeping you waiting? You have the list and the motive to travelling Dubai and exploring the land of surprises! Now that you have our picks for the most popular and must-to-do things. Plan your trip and explore the majestic charming Dubai. Be it an exotic romantic getaway or a full-filled family trip. Or even a friends getaway, Dubai will keep you on the hook and mesmerize you in its beauty. 


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