Water Skiing

Have you ever dreamt of walking on water like the birds and enjoying the splash of water on you? It’s just the right sport to make your dream come true. On the breezy beaches below the bright sky, glide through the water and get drenched with the experience. Balance yourself to the speed of the speeding motor boat and let your heart race in this remarkable water sport.

Things To Carry

  • Quick drying nylon clothing (No Cotton)
  • Sturdy footwear – sandals with straps or sneakers
  • Change of clothes, footwear and towel
  • Plastic bag to carry wet items
  • Sunscreen, lip protection and sunglasses

Don't Worry About

  • Swimming is an advantage but not must.
  • Water Ski and Life-jacket Provided
  • Learn the act of balancing

Ideal Condition

Cool Day


1 Hour

Fitness Profile

40 %

Risk Profile


Best Destinations for Water Skiing

We design custom itineraries across various destination as per your preference, seasons and other factors. Talk to our experts to make a perfect plan.