Sky Diving

This extreme adventure sport gives you an experience that you can ever imagine. When you are 10,000 feet or more above Earth and as your heart raises, you jump out like a free bird and glide through the blue sky for one of the unbeatable feeling. Bring out your daringness, train yourself and indulge in floating above the clouds and seeing the world through a bird eye!

Things To Carry

  • Properly fitting laced shoes
  • Comfortable loose-fitting clothes like jeans, shorts and T-shirt
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Long hair to be tied up in a pony tail.
  • Sunglasses

Don't Worry About

  • Previous Experience is an advantage
  • Instructed Aided-Activity
  • Skydiving Gears Provided

Ideal Condition

Clear Day,


2 Hours

Fitness Profile

40 %

Risk Profile


Best Destinations for Sky Diving

We design custom itineraries across various destination as per your preference, seasons and other factors. Talk to our experts to make a perfect plan.