Ice Climbing

Rock climbing in itself is exciting but if we add frozen ice to it, won’t it just take the thrill many notches up? Ice climbing offers this thrill. With the help of right tools, you achieve the fantasy of ascending the magical world of frozen waterfalls or alpine ice. Just have the burning desire to accomplish the feat, get familiar with the tools and you are easily ascending to the pinnacle.

Things To Carry

  • Sunscreen, lip protection and sunglasses
  • Comfortable clothes with many warm layers
  • A pair of well-fitting gloves
  • Waterproof Jacket

Don't Worry About

  • Ice climbing gears or tools
  • Ropes and other essentials
  • Prior training is helpful

Ideal Condition



Half Day

Fitness Profile

80 %

Risk Profile


Best Destinations for Ice Climbing

We design custom itineraries across various destination as per your preference, seasons and other factors. Talk to our experts to make a perfect plan.