Bungee Jumping

There is no better way to conquer the fear of heights, than by taking the leap of faith and let yourself fall freely. The thrill of jumping from a raised platform and the rebounding of the elastic rope that holds you, makes your heart leap to your mouth. A sport for the strong hearted, the thrill one seeks from this experience is a memory of a life-time.

Things To Carry

  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Comfortable shirts and pants
  • Avoid jewellery, mobile or any other valuables
  • Barefoot or shoes with lace

Don't Worry About

  • No personal gear required
  • Age not a bar
  • Mental strength matters most

Ideal Condition

All Weather


45 Mins

Fitness Profile

60 %

Risk Profile


Best Destinations for Bungee Jumping

We design custom itineraries across various destination as per your preference, seasons and other factors. Talk to our experts to make a perfect plan.